Manic Panic®: Colors That Rock!®


These rockers are shining examples of MANIC PANIC® culture and style. Click on the photos for links to their websites.

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Emilie Autumn, Courtney Love's “anarchy violinist” returns to the stage and is keeping the spotlight all to herself. With appearances on Leno and Letterman, glossy magazine covers, and guest spots on the albums of such artists as Love, Otep, Billy Corgan, and TV’s “Metalocalypse,” under her corset strings, Emilie Autumn’s devilishly dark lyrics, metal–shredding violin solos, and industrial–strength voice reinvent “gothic” for the masses, and goths have never had so much fun.

Chosen by Interview Magazine as one of their “14 Artists to Watch,” the Los Angeles–born starlet’s theatrical stage show is a sexy circus of glam–rock burlesque, backed by a scantily–clad girl band known to EA’s devoted fans as the Bloody Crumpets. Her latest full–length album is the double disc “Opheliac,” of which she is the sole composer, performer, and producer.

Teen Hearts is a fun, energetic, positive DIY band that has achieved numerous accomplishments in their short existence. The bands debut EP “The Heartsbeat EP” was produced by Hellogoodbye front man Forrest Kline. Check out their first full–length album “Best Kept Secrets.”

Chase J is an Atlanta native who began his career as background singer for such recording artists as Ciara, Nivea, and Shareefa. In 2009 he landed his first song placement with Epic records’ boy band ‘Menudo’ and shortly after a second placement with Neyo. Chase later signed a publishing deal with Jay Z’s label Rocnation. Chase J has worked with some the industry’s most respected producers including Alex Da Kid, No ID, Kane Beatz, Dr Luke, and others.

With her unique style and youthful voice, singer Eryn Woods is ready to dominate the world with her eclectic brand of pop punk. Her music has already been featured on Vh1 and MTV, she has worked closely with designers Betsey Johnson, Iron Fist Clothing, and Married to the Mob, amongst others and is sponsored by Monster Products, Manic Panic, and 5Gum. As the queen of the “Kupcake” brigade—a term she coined to define her “sweet, fun and diverse” fan base—Woods’ musical and fashion influence on young Kupcakes is spreading around the globe.

Eryn Woods is known for her trademark MANIC PANIC® Psychedelic Sunset™ hawk!

With her latest solo release, Alexandra and The Starlight Band, Alexandra Starlight has critics buzzing, hailing the gritty and sultry songstress as the new, 21st century Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Guitar World Magazine reports: "Alexandra Starlight bears the lucky distinction of being as captivating as she is talented. Her singing style rivals the greats like Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. And she's got the swagger of a thousand men.” Alexandra is known for her trademark MANIC PANIC® multi-colored tresses.

Some may not know who Sky Heavens is but you may have heard her voice. If you have seen Eminem perform live or watched his live performances on TV/YouTube you will see Sky singing the hooks to his hits like “Monster”, “Love the You Lie”, “Survival”, and “Stan”. The pinnacle of her performing with Eminem was at the Wembley Stadium, where Eminem made history by being the first rapper to headline. This Brooklyn Native has now paved her own path with her new track "Hear Me Cry".

Since Bless this Mess was released on Valentine’s Day 2012, Acetate Records artists Prima Donna have completed three European tours and three American Tours. For summer 2013, they played all over the U.S. supporting Adam Ant. They supported Green Day in stadiums across Asia and Europe, and DGeneration in the US. Bless videos include “Feral Children” (117,000+ views) and “Sociopath.” New single “Like Hell” will release end of summer 2013 in Europe on 7” vinyl. Prima Donna band members favor MANIC PANIC® Raven™ hair color and Glamnation® cosmetics.


Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica RDX keeps their fans and music lovers breathless with their high tempo music and energy filled entertainment. Singer DelomarX (Andre Bedward) and Deejay Renigade (Carlton Williams) exploded on the scene in 2007 with their mega hit “Bend Over.” This year they released JUMP, RDX’s 6th chart topping single and according to several of Jamaica’s entertainment charts, the number one song and video.

RDX are known for their trademark MANIC PANIC® hair color — at left Renigade wears Atomic Turquoise and Delomar wears Pillarbox Red and Electric Lizard.

KERLI is a singing sensation from Los Angeles, CA whose own style of pop + electronica is as fabulous as her visual presence. Check out her video Zero Gravity below © Island Def Jam.

Kerli is a true MANIC PANIC® celebrity Dyehard! For Kerli’s rainbow hair she used MANIC PANIC® Cotton Candy Pink, Electric Lizard, Electric Lava, Pillarbox Red, Shocking Blue, Electric Banana® and Electric Amethyst. This lovely lady uses Virgin Snow to achieve her platinum look. Click on her photos for links to her website + facebook.

Adam Bones is an artist AND a band without a past. The man behind the EP Rock it Up is man arising from the shadows to stake a claim and make sure that everyone Knows His Name. Likewise, his band, an All-Girl-Kung Fu-Army of riffs and beats to be dealt with, came from over the waters but emerged here (in your face), fully formed and ready for service. A true classic rock ‘n’ roll band. Adam Bones band members use Manic Panic® Glamnation® Cosmetics!


Dawn of Ashes, formed in 2001, started off as a Horror-Industrial act and as the years progressed incorporated elements from Metal, Rock & Industrial with a new twist of evil. Check out their LP Anathema on Metropolis Records. Singer Kristof Bathory rocks MANIC PANIC® hair color and Glamnation cosmetics.

Hollywood’s punk rock princess, The Fabulous Miss Wendy is already "the sexiest rock star ever," according to Revolver Magazine. The Fabulous Miss Wendy has an undeniable stage presence that demands your attention, flailing her axe as though it’s a long-lost limb, delivering an imaginative musical viciousness. Don’t let the cute smile fool you. Wendy wears MANIC PANIC® Hair Color.

Give a listen to the wonderful music of DEREK WOODZ, another Los Angeles based artist. Derek is an avid Manic Panic® user and made this awesome video (below) of himself getting his hair colored MANIC PANIC® Rockabilly Blue, one of our brand new blues! Some of this footage was shot at the Manic Panic® Venice Beach location which has since moved to 7378 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

Thank you Derek for being the very first dude to go Rockabilly Blue!

Zoe Ann is an up and coming artist from Dallas, TX who is young, fierce and determined to keep breaking indie rock charts across the globe! Her song “Girlfriend” was produced by DJ Lethal (House of Pain, Limp Bizkit) and is available on iTunes. Zoe's trademark look: a streak of Manic Panic hair color! “I use Hot Hot Pink on both sides of my hair. I also do peekaboo highlights through my hair to tie in the color all around. It's so much fun!”

Click on her photos for links to her website & facebook.

IAN DRAKE KEMPER is a pop musician hailing from southern Illinois. Described as a versatile song-writer by many music peers, his sound includes influence from an array of artists. Ian uses MANIC PANIC® Infra Red Amplified formula hair color.

Click on his photos for links to his facebook.

New Years Day knows that at one time or another, each of us has suffered heartbreak — and each person deals with it in a different way. However, instead of moping around or flirting with illegal substances, New Years Day — vocalist Ash, guitarist Mike, drummer Russell, guitarist Keith and bassist Adam decided to transform their relationship woes into a brand of goth pop that’s as catchy as it is cathartic. New Years Day has been making quite a noise and touching the hearts of many fans with their ultra–catchy, anthemic songs that just happen to be loaded with daggers for lyrics. Ash Costello shines and shows a true star power that will keep you keep you watching and a voice that will stay in your head.

MELISSA MUNSTER is a Mexican rockpopping singer–songwriter. Recently discovered nationally in Mexico as Melissa Menéndez Vallejo (her real name) a contestant in the Mexican version of talent show “The Voice” (La Voz México) in international popstar Alejandro Sanz's team.

She is a proud rocker come from the underground scene of her hometown of Querétaro, Mexico. She named her own genre “rock pop chicloso” which translates to “gummy/sticky rock pop” because of the tendency of her melodies and lyrics to stick to a persons mind on the spot.

THE CASUALTIES are an American street punk band from New York City, formed in 1990. These lads exemplify everything that is NYC Punk. Hair color of choice? MANIC PANIC® of course!

SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK ELECTRONIC is the brainchild of Martin Degville, the original Electronica Master from the 80s! SSSE has a new release entitled “Revisited” that includes Sigue Sigue Sputnik tracks from “way back when.”

Check out their website for music downloads and more info on special run CD/DVD packs of Revisited containing Flaunt It — The Movie, a superb visual explosion put together by BS–

Photos by Sam Mackenzie Armstrong


MiltiA is… the matriarch of the NYC based hard rock/heavy metal band, +SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE+ and the lead singer in The all-girl tribute to the metal gods, JUDAS PRIESTESS.

“I play ‘Vita’ in the all female rock opera CHIX 6. I like to sing… LOUD. Most people know me from VJ–ing, hosting shows + guesting on FUSE, Much Music, VH1 and MTV2 — particularly from the tv show ‘HEAVY METAL MAKEOVER.’ I’ve spit out 2 Live Crew covers and jumped around onstage with CX KiDTRONiK and I’ve sung with some of the best in the business: Dee Snider, Cyndi Lauper, Sandra Bernhard, Ana Gasteyer, Taylor Dayne and Nancy Sinatra.”

MilitiA rocks with MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors!

HELLASAKURA is a trio from São Paulo Brazil with Cherry (guitars and vocals of extinct band Okotô and drummer of the band Eletrobillys and Hats) with Napalmer on bass and Pitchu on drums.

Prepare yourselves for destruction! Influences of Punk & Metal, they’ve been performing and releasing new materials since 2007. The HELLSAKURA sound is like an engine without a muffler, a starving stomach, a spiritual hell, a loud distortion screamed at the world, a Sakura storm!

Guitar player and singer Cherry wears MANIC PANIC® Hair Color and Cosmetics. Cherry says, “The MANIC PANIC® Spider Liner is the best eye make up that I have used till now! It can stands the sweat of rock very well!”

This rocker should know. Check out her vid below:

(note Cherry’s Atomic Turquoise hair, Spider Liner eyes, and MANIC PANIC® Tee)

Rasputina was founded by Melora Creager in 1991 as a way to meet like–minded girls: girls who were interested in rocking the cello and wearing corsets. That was a time when corsetry was quite uncommon, mind you. Rasputina pioneered the use of cello in rock music.

They’ve toured and recorded all these years, including relationships with Marilyn Manson and Siouxsie Sioux, among multitudinous others. Melora played the cello with Nirvana. They’ve made 7 albums and have leagues of passionate fans who follow their unique and evolving looks closely. Podcast pioneer Dawn Miceli joined the group last year as a drummer & singer. Daniel DeJesus on cello & voice is an androgynous wonder–guy.

Rasputina is so talented and funny. There is no one remotely like them. Melora wears MANIC PANIC® Electric Tiger Lily hair color. Dawn wears Hot Hot Pink and After Midnight®.

MANIC PANIC® posterchild EMILY LAZAR— “M” — has a voracious appetite for performing. Her growling vocals and dynamic stage presence drinks in her audience and devours the stage. Recently, her band September Mourning recorded a demo produced by Carley Coma (ex–Candiria/ Hope Kills Fear) and Mike Barille (Candiria, Dillinger Escape Plan, Lamb of God). Billboard hit songwriter/producer Gardner Cole co–wrote a song with M and the band to be featured in a Draven Shoe Campaign for their new line, Lost Angels.

September Mourning has played with artists like Debbie Harry, Hanzel Und Gretyl, and The Birthday Massacre to rave reviews.

Harpist and composer ATHY hails all the way from Argentina.


This unique and exciting artist is an avid fan of MANIC PANIC®
with a Virgin Snow shock lock in the front of his hair.

“My name is Alissa White–Gluz, vegan frontwoman of The AGONIST… I have been using MANIC PANIC® for almost a decade now, and my blue hair has become my signature look. I even appeared on Canadian Idol and was known nationally for my flashy hair. I also was recently dubbed one of Revolver's 20 Hottest Chicks in Metal. I devotedly use (Manic Panic®) Shocking Blue and streak it with a little Atomic Turquoise.”

It is extremely rare to find an up–and–coming metal band taking strong political stands, much less one that’s led by a dominating, beautiful, edgy female. But it is exactly this unique dynamic that led Century Media Records to sign Montreal’s THE AGONIST to a worldwide deal. This quartet delivers introspective, scathing lyrics, and their debut album “Once Only Imagined,” set for release in Fall 2007, will definitely catch people’s attention.

Vocalist Alissa White–Gluz’s vegan roots fuel her need to promote the protection of the planet and its inhabitants and she does so through this outlet. Along with guitarist Danny Marino, bassist Chris Kells and drummer Simon McKay, each member brings their own rich musical backgrounds to the table, creating the perfect expression of melody and madness. Make no mistake, this is a straight–up metal band that holds nothing back with one goal in mind: to make music that is as catchy as it is heavy, as sweet as it is loud, and as angry as it is melancholy.

KOMMUNITY FK, formed by front man/composer Patrik Mata in 1978, was immediately hailed by local and International press as “The Most Promising Band In Years.” Kommunity FK’s fan base and the press write–ups placed Kommunity FK’s new sound as the Amerikan genesis and predecessor to today’s Gothik/Deathrock/Industrial/Art Punk sound. Patrik Mata has worked with some of the music industry’s top producers, such as, Ken Scott (David Bowie), Joe Chicarelli (Frank Zappa), and more. Mata’s musical anthem “Something Inside Me Has Died” charted in top high rotation on both MTV’s “120 Minutes,” and featured four years in a row on “Elvira’s Halloween Special” along with The Cure, Bauhaus, and other Gothic favorites.

Sherry Rubber (a noted Kerrang Magazine ‘Lady Killer’) has been Kommunity FK’s sole lead guitarist since 1997.

Lead guitarist Sherry Rubber looking super hot - in MANIC PANIC® Vampire Red hair color!