CUT team is a big fan of Manic Panic, and they always use Manic Panic colors in their photo shoots. Now they bring you these photos to enjoy

Process of hair coloring for this photo shoot

Front of the hair was pulled in clumps, then bleached with AMPLIFIED FLASHLIGHTNING. After 30 minutes bleach was rinsed, than hair was blow dried and split into sections for dying. Cotton candy pink - AMPLIFIED Cream Formula dye was inflicted on the hair ends. Hair dye was washed after 30 minutes. After second round of coloring, models hair was washed out, and the ends were cut a bit, then straightened with blow dryer. Hair ends were cut a bit, then streightened with blow dryer. After dyeing hair was styled in different ways. Same process was applied on both models.

Make up we used on model for Cotton Pink photos:
Moonlight - DreamTone foundation mixed with the Goth white. Black-Spider Liner
(make up done by Zeljka Jankovic for CUT-team)

Styling done by Lily Lohe.

Marijana Gligic(CUT-Team) photographer made sure that the photos turn out great with her skilled retouching, and applying certain effects to achieve desired hazy atmosphere on the photos.