Manic Panic® Dyehards®: Colors That Rock!®


Here are creative, courageous, exceptional people who celebrate themselves with their lifestyles, hobbies, careers and their look & style. MANIC PANIC® DYEHARDS® encourage us to embrace our unique qualities… to not fear making bold visual statements… to joyfully “stand out in the crowd.”

We proudly present:

RhiannaRIHANNA shows the world the glamour of Manic Panic® style with this stunning pictorial spread that made the cover of the April 2011 Vogue magazine. This superstar puts the “R” in red! She mixes up her own secret blend of Manic Panic® hair colors.

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katy perryKATY PERRY made quite a splash when she went “pretty in pink” Manic Panic® hair color!

cyndi 1cyndi 3 CYNDI LAUPER is was of Tish and Snooky's® very first customers, and remains a loyal Manic Panic® user today. You have seen her hair go from Pillarbox Red to Cotton Candy Pink to Lagoon Blue (left) to her current mix of Electric Sunshine and Flavine.

cyndi 2This Dynamic Diva changed the world with her incredible voice and music, personality and style. She is a living icon and trendsetter who continues to inspire all of us by remaining true to her vision.



Oscar winner LUPITA NYONG’O wore Manic Panic® Purple Haze® hair color to the 2014 Met Gala Ball in NYC, "the single most important fashion event of the year" - Huffington Post. Photo at left from (click on photo to see full article).









jared letoActor, rocker JARED LETO tweeted to his fans about the choosing a Manic Panic® hair color, finally settling on Red Passion for his mohawk. Congratulations to this multi-talented amazing man for his 2103 Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor!

fleaRed Hot Chili Peppers Bassis FLEA rocks his Atomic Turquoise Manic Panic® hair color.

joss stoneJOSS STONE has sold more than 7.5 million albums worldwide; been nominated for four Grammy Awards; appeared onstage with James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Patti Labelle, Mavis Staples, Donna Summer, and Smokey Robinson; sat for an interview with Oprah Winfrey; starred in two major ad campaigns for the Gap; and performed for more than 200,000 people at the 2005 Live 8 Concert in London – all before reaching the ripe old age of 19.

This incredibly talented young British superstar uses MANIC PANIC® cosmetics and Hot Hot Pink mixed with Cotton Candy Pink hair color. She really knows what's goin’ on!

(Photo by Paul Conroy)

marilyn manson Beautiful MARILYN MANSON is an avid user of MANIC PANIC® GOTHC GLAMOUR cosmetics. His personal fave: VAMPYRE’S VEIL Pressed Powder in Moonlight.


green dayGREEN DAY

These punk stars know what's cool — they were wearing Manic Panic® 20 years ago!

kate piersonKATE PIERSON of B52’s fame is another longtime Dyehard®. A friend of Tish and Snooky® for years and Manic Panic® devotee, the one and only Kate wears a mixture of Vampire Red and Infra Red in her hair and just loves Manic Panic®True Glam Lashes. Kate loves to add a stunning streak of a Manic Panic® Glam Strip to her great mane on occasion. She was spokesperson for the Manic Panic®/Alizé OPERATION REDHEAD, in support of redheads of the world.

Another visionary, this chanteuse has been a huge influence on fashion and style as well as song.


Designer TODD OLDHAM, has never been afraid to be “fashionably loud” — he wore Manic Panic® hair color back in the 80’s!

charli baltimoreCHARLI BALTIMORE This sexy rapper is another diva who is an important part of the Manic Panic® family. Charli was the spokesmodel for operation redhead, a Manic Panic® promotion honoring the redheads of the world, in conjunction with Alizé Red Passion.

Charli wears Manic Panic® Glitter and Glam Lashes which add to her wild style.

With her amazing voice and strong persona, she is an inspiration!

denis rodmanDENNIS RODMAN — the Bad Boy of Basketball —is one of the most controversial players in the NBA. He made a name for himself through his amazing talent on the basketball court, Manic Panic® hair colors, tattoos, and many body piercings. He’s the best rebounder in NBA history! He has been a Manic Panic® Dyehard® for over ten years, appearing in countless photos with every color imaginable. One of our favorite articles on Dennis is from the January 1996 Playboy magazine. Click on the photo to see more.

This self described “die-hard Harlem” singer/songwriter is a Manic Panic® Dyehard® with her Atomic Turquose tresses. Her music is as unique and exotic as her look: a mixture of Jazz and Gospel meeting Hip–Hop. She went to the “FAME”—famed LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts and also did some modeling.

Regarding her debut CD she says, “I get to be me.” That's the Manic Panic® spirit!

We're sure to be hearing lots more from this dyehard® diva.

davey havokDAVEY HAVOK frontman of AFI — East Bay Hardcore from Berkeley, CA — has been using Manic Panic® since he was 13 years old. He goes through a tube of Raven Lipstick each tour!

Davey says in these shots he has Manic Panic® Plum Passion hair color (slightly faded), Raven Lipstick, Raven Dreamliner and Nail Polish and Virgin White Pressed Powder…

Davey has “A Fire Inside” and OUTside with his fearless image.

sylver logan sharpSYLVER LOGAN SHARP from CHIC is an avid user of Manic Panic® Vampire Red hair color.

Click ont her photo to check out more photos, listen to her latest rease, and learn about her new jewelry line on her website.

christina applegateCHRISTINA APPLEGATE
told InStyle Magazine in their Fall 2007 Makeover issue that in ‘94 she cut her hair and wore red, black, and purple Manic Panic® hair colors!

Here’s Gooby the webmistress’ artistic rendering of what this gorgeous mega-star of TV and film may have looked like with some Plum Passion added to her celebrity fashion (click on the photo to see the article).

juliette lewisJULIETTE LEWIS
This actress turned rocker always has rad style and is never afraid to show some color!

jasmin st. clair

This super sexy adult film star uses Manic Panic® hair color, make up, and lashes on and off screen. One of her personal favorites is Manic Panic® Glam Gems!

Jasmin says:

the lunachicksTHE LUNACHICKS
From our hometown of NYC, those amazing punk rock goddesses never left for tour without first loading up on Manic Panic® Hair Color & Glamnation Cosmetics!

Squid (left) wears Manic Panic® Nightqueen Glitter Glam Stick and Raven Dreamliner. Theo (center) wears a streak of Manic Panic® Wildfire in her hair, Manic Panic® Stiletto lipstick, Manic Panic® Crystal Nymph Glam Dust, and oodles of Manic Panic® Yellow Rainbow Glitter all over. Gina's (right) locks are streaked with Manic Panic® Aftermidnight Blue® and Vampire Red, her eyes powdered with Starchild and Deadly Nightshade, and her lips colored with Manic Panic® Purple Haze® lipstick.

What eye candy! Yum.

suzy hotrodSUZY HOTROD
She's a punk rock queen as well as a roller derby queen… she is the Manic Panic® AMPLIFIED Hair Color Poster child… she’s the one–and–only Suzy Hotrod.

Suzy is captain of her team Queens of Pain in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

From THE VOLUPTUOUS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK wears Manic Panic® Gothic Cosmetics and Manic Panic® wigs. She appears as a MANIC model in our catalog and ads for Gothic Beauty magazine.


He is a role model, and motivatioal speaker for young people around the world. He has launched a new effort for the elimination of Anger, Hate, Violence, Death. To accent his amazing faical tattoos he use's Manic Panic®’s After Midnight® Blue! Click on his photo to check out his awesome website.

misjudgedTHE MISJUDGED are a street punk band fronted by 16 year old Egan Frantz, the son of Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth from the TALKING HEADS. Egan uses multiple shades of Manic Panic® Hair Color in his “hawk” as do the rest of his bandmates. As you can see, he has punk rock in his blood.

Super–stylist to the stars Garren uses Manic Panic®!

A quote from “When Garren added Manic Panic®–bright extensions to the models’ hair at Anna Sui, he started a trend that would turn up again at Rodarte and Marc by Marc Jacobs.”

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