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Lethal™ Lipstick

Creamtones™, Kitten Colors™, Peacock Shimmer™, and Ice Metals™. Dramatic HIGH VOLTAGE® shades to bring out the diva in you. Long lasting, especially formulated to keep your lips moist and colorful. Our famous Raven™ lipstick is a Goth favorite, well known for being the blackest black creamy lipstick on the planet.
Lethal™ Lips Cross Gloss
Lethal™ Lips Lip Gloss.

A slick, creamy gloss that delivers High Voltage® lasting color and shine. Available in a variety of moisturizing colors, all with our exclusive cross-top applicator. VEGAN FORMULA!
Coffin Dust™
Fabulous Coffin Dust™ from MANIC PANIC® is a super fine powder that comes in a 3 gram container with nine small holes that enable you to tap out the dust on your body, face, hair… anywhere. It feels sort of like ashes in your fingertips. It is the finest of all the MANIC PANIC® eye/face powders. It goes on like a dream… looks amazing as it makes your skin glimmer and shimmer… and reminds you of… well, you know. You don't need to be Goth to be addicted to Hemlock!
Glam Dust™
GLAM DUST™is a super fine cosmetic grade glitter that feels and acts like powder. It's so fine it is safe for the eyes. Dab a bit on your skin and the MANIC PANIC® GLAM DUST™ powdery glitter stays on like magic. Three opalescent shades give you a look that is innocent, iridescent, and irresistible.
Powder Shadows
Luscious silky smoothe powder eye shadows and shadow blush. Colorful powders that pay off! Glammy, Punky, Gothy styles… powder that stays on all night long. Thick and dense, chock full of pigment. Try using GOTH WHITE™ as a base under shadows for more intensity.
Pressed Powder Compacts
MANIC PANIC® POWDER COMPACTS come in a shiny black compact case decorated with silver dripping Gothic letters surrounded by bats and lillies, and each different style has its own Swarovski crystal. This unique compact has two levels: one with mirror and powder, another with applicator puff. They come packaged in their own chiffon pouches with ribbon drawstrings. Very Goth and very gorge!
Glamour Eyes®
Glamour Eyes are jewelled strips that go on over or under the eye. Available in a variety of colors on colored backings.
Glam™ Lashes
Glam™Lashes. Faux Lashes. Pagan Eyes™. Glitter Glam™ Lashes. Faux lashes in subtle glamourous styles, thick brazen shout it out loud styles. Some with color to match your MANIC PANIC® hair. Sparklers, twinklers. Some glow in the dark! Easy to apply with lash adhesive. Use them over and over.
Tish & Snooky's® NYC Lashes
"I love seeing girls dressing up again! Femininity and glamour are back in style — not to mention looking HOT" say the sisters. Tish and Snooky are to punk what Mary Quant was to Mod. Their new accessories will complement a pair of Manolo Blahniks or even a cost–effective knock–off. Good for daytime wear straight on into nighttime with flair, Tish & Snooky's NYC is ON THE MAP. SERIOUSLY SEXY™ Premium lashes include the popular True Glam™ lashes bejewelled with Swarovski crystals.
Lust Dust™
LUST DUST… A DUST YOU'LL LOVE! These powdery loose mineral "paints" are loaded with pigment and pizazz in the sexiest, boldest colors. Shimmering brilliant powders can be layered and used as an eye shadow and/or liner. Comes in a 3-gram container with a removable shake separator. Seal on with our Glam Glue for ultimate staying power.
Love Colors®
LOVE COLORS® Glitter Powder Shadows from MANIC PANIC®. These luscious long–wearing shadows are chock full of pigment and cosmetic grade micro glitter. They are sold individually or in "paintbox palettes" of five, complete with a combo applicator: sponge on one end, brush at the other. Apply directly with dry applicator or dampen with water for extra intensity and bolder appearance (yeah, that's how we like it!) With liner brush and water you can use these babies for lining under and over eyes… then blend on lids and under brow for a shadow effect. The color stays on all night long.
Spider Liner™
SPIDER LINER creamy gel eyeliner from MANIC PANIC.® Weave a web of beauty around your eyes! SPIDER LINER™creates the thickest, boldest, most dramatic looks. HEAVY eyeliner, babe! This dense gel can be blended to create softer, smokey shades.
Goth White™
GOTH WHITE Makeup from MANIC PANIC® is Lily white cream/powder face makeup. It applies like a cream, looks soft like a powder. Also doubles as a base under eyeshadows and is a great way to brighten eyes. Use it for mild or full coverage under your favorite face powder. This GOTH fave comes elegantly packaged in a black chiffon pouch with black ribbon drawstring.
DREAMTONE® Foundation from MANIC PANIC®. includes Vegan formula VIRGIN™ white to highlight, lighten, and brighten skin. A Goth fave. This famous oil free formula goes on like silk. DREAMTONE™ naturals are pale flesh toned shades for those who want a more "natural" look.
Claw Colors™ Nail Polish
CLAW COLORS Nail Polish from MANIC PANIC® is the absolute finest in Nail Polish. Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde free formula! Electrifying colors that GLOW under black light, Heavy Metals, shiny Gothic shades.
GUYLINER® Pencils from MANIC PANIC®. Because he needs his own! This fabulous Vitamin-enriched tool glides on with ease for precise line. Great for shaping and shading eyes or brows. The attached brush is ideal for blending.  Ask him if you can borrow his.
Glitter Glam™ Jewels
In varying sizes and styles, wear them on your body or in your hair… you can sparkle anywhere. Put a star on your cheek or a moon near your eye… with MANIC PANIC® you will make 'em sigh. Glitter Jewels and Star Stars are loose glitters. Some GLOW UNDER BLACK LIGHT and Lazer Dust GLOWS IN THE DARK! Tish tip: You can adhere them to your skin by using a little dab of vaseline and in your hair by using a little hairspray or setting gel.
Glam Gems™
GLAM GEMS Gems for face and body from MANIC PANIC® Glam Gems™ are tiny crystal gems that come complete with a tube of lash adhesive to enable you to place them anywhere on your face or body and secure them with a dab of glue. Be creative and the stars!
Glam Glue™
GLAM GLUE - a cosmetic "fixative" from MANIC PANIC® is used as a finishing touch so your makeup lasts all day and all night!! You can use it before applying eye shadows and dust to secure color in place, or after as a fixative. Brush it on your eyebrows to keep them tidy.
Eye/Lip Pencils
MANIC PANIC® makes exceptional EYE/LIP PENCILS that explode with color. You can use them for lining your lips, eyes, brows… anywhere your imagination allows! Because they are soft yet rich, you can even "smudge" them for shadowing and contouring eye area. Tish and Snooky bring you the finest cosmetic pencils that last all–night–long.
Dream Remover™
Dream Remover™

Wipe away even the strongest indelible cosmetic with ease! Works like magic.


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