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Manic Panic® on ABC TV… Snooky talks Turkey… Manic Panic® supports BCRF… new location for Manic Panic® in Los Angeles.

Tish & Snooky® rockin’ more than ever! New Electrifying MANIC PANIC® Hair Colors.

MANIC PANIC® hair color a hot item for fashion week… Rocky Horror… head color and shave fundraising events… and more.

MANIC PANIC® in a major motion picture… and on network television… Tish & Snooky® on exhibit at MOMA… MANIC PANIC® walks the Catwalk… Tish & Snooky® in a cool comic book.

Emily the Strange joins the MANIC PANIC® family… MANIC PANIC® Hair Color wins a Peta award… Shiragirl delivers MANIC PANIC® at Warped.

An outlaw party to celebrate our 30th “Manniversary”… fashion shows in Japan and the USA… Tish & Snooky® join Patti Smith and Robert Gordon for T. Rex and Jayne County for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, the sisters become DJs and get caught in Spiderman’s web.

The International MANIC PANIC® family grows… MANIC PANIC® WEST opens in Los Angeles with a grand opening bash… We sponsor a star studded rock show to benefit animals… more great rock ’n’ roll moments we're so proud of.

Horror Film Festivals, Chiller Theatre… more MANIC PANIC® Salons in Japan… CBGBs forever rock show in the park… Snooky addresses the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VH1 save the muisic with Cyndi Lauper… SO80’s book bash and MANIC makeovers… academy award nominated film stars Kate Winslet and MANIC PANIC® Hair Color… Sic F*cks reunite for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

An NYC street is named Joey Ramone place… MANIC PANIC® tours with Spa–Lapalooza… Party Monster the movie premieres with a celebration and a MANIC PANIC® creation station.

We celebrate our 25 year “Manniversary” with super stars for pooches… Tish & Snooky® take a road trip on the hairstream for the Snapple Dyehard tour… a book comes out with a photo of our MANIC critters… and we win an award!

Tish & Snooky® perform at Warped tour.

Tish & Snooky® rock the house with 60s tunes at the Ready Steady Go Show.

British Invasion in NYC at the Bottom Line with Tish & Snooky®… Glam Gems explode in magazines.


cyndiNovember 4, 2004

VH1 Save the Music presented “Songwriters in the Round: Generations 3” at the China Club in NYC. The theme was “best of the 80s” and featured performers/writers Cyndi Lauper, Desmond Child, Patty Smyth (of Scandal), Eric Brazilian & Rob Hyman (the Hooters), and Cy Curnin & Jamie West–Oram (The Fix).

Everyone got together to discuss and perform two tunes they had written and one they wish they had written under the moderation of an award–winning lyicist.

One of our fave dyehards, Ms. Cyndi Lauper with old pals Tish and Snooky.

See more of Cyndi on our Dyehards® You May Know page.

The MANIC PANIC® gang was there with a makeover “creation station” to add a little award winning glamour!

Stylist to the stars… the fabulous Jaime Starr performs his MANIC PANIC® makeover magic. (Webmistress note: how awesome is that Dyehard® gel in his hair?).

Glamourized guest were thrilled with their Rock ’n’ Roll makeovers.

Pictured at left is the MANIC PANIC® Rock ’n’ Roll Makeover Station.


Tish & Snooky and MANIC PANIC® were an integral part of the wild and crazy party to celebrate the release of the book So80s: A Photographic Diary of a Decade By Patrick McMullan.


With a career spanning three decades, Patrick McMullan is one of the world’s most famous party, fashion, and society photographers.

The party, held at the old infamous Limelight club (now called Avalon) was as decadent as we remember the decade!

Hot go-go boys shimmy and shake as Tish administers MANIC Makeovers to the techno beats.

Famous club owner and promoter, Rudolf.



MANIC PANIC® Hair Color is once again in the movies with the release of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The 4–star hit comedy stars Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood. Manic Panic® Hair Color has a starring role, seen on Kate Winslet as her character Clementine changes her hair color continually during the film! Kate Winslet was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her colorful performance. She wore her many MANIC PANIC® Hair colors proudly, she gave a great performance, she and the film were nominated for an Academy Award.

When the film’s stylists called MANIC PANIC® for some help, we sent them a big box of hair color and I am very pleased to see that they used every bit of it!

In the film, Kate’s character Clementine tells her beau Joel (played by Jim Carrey) that she has “Blue Ruin” (a/k/a Shocking Blue) in her hair. She goes on to tell him that she gets this hair color from a cool company that makes other wild colors like “Red Menace,” “Yellow Fever,” and “Agent Orange.”

“Wouldn't it be cool to work for a company like that, thinking up names for all those hair colors?” she expresses to him. Of course they are referring to MANIC PANIC® (see the film's credits thanking Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC®). And yes, we do have a blast coming up with great new products and naming them. And by the way, we were the first to use unconventional names for our hair color and cosmetics!

The Sic F*cks: Tish & Snook's punk band!

The Sic F*cks gave a wild, in–your–face, rockin’ out to the maximum performance at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2004. Manic Panic® also was one of the sponsors of this sold–out show at NYC’s Irving Plaza to benefit the Lymphoma foundation. There were many outstanding performances by old and new school punk rockers.

A li’l punk histroy: way back in 1977, after Tish and Snooky left Blondie, they joined Russell Wolinsky in a new outrageous punk band, The Sic F*cks. The sisters were featured singers most noted for their wild outfits, eye catching stage antics, and rockin' harmonies. The Sic F*cks. routinely shared stages with The Dead Boys, The Ramones, The Dictators, Television, and other great bands of the time.

Tish at the auction booth and sisters living it!

Who wears Sic F•cks shirts?

“Hello Tish & Snooky, thanks a bunch fer the Sic F*cks gear. I think the “Sic F*cks” are probably my fave NYC band of all time. I love you guys… Your Pal, Jeff” (Jeff Magnum from the Dead Boys)

“I love my Sic F*cks tee shirt. I wear mine to my yoga class” — Cyndi Lauper

Click on the nuns to buy the shirt.