Glamnation® Cosmetics: Colors That Rock!


micro glitter:
atomic sapphirefuschia shockruby slipperssilver stardustblack magic

regular glitter:
galaxy goldfairy duststilettoblack magic

rainbow glitter:

glow glitter
(glows under black light):
electric bananaelectric flamingoelectric fuschiaelectric lavaelectric lizardelectric sky

lazer dust (glows in the dark!):
lazer dust

stars & shapes:
hologram starsmulticolored dots

Glamnation® Cosmetics:

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Manic Panic® Vegan Hair Color



Glitter Jewels™ and Star Stars™ are loose glitters in varying sizes and styles, wear them on your body or in your hair… you can sparkle anywhere. Put a star on your cheek or a moon near your eye… with MANIC PANIC® you will make 'em sigh…

Tish tip: You can adhere them to your skin by using a little dab of vaseline and in your hair by using a little hairspray or setting gel.

Guilt-Free Glamour™! Manic Panic® Glamnation® cosmetics are tested on celebrities, not animals™