CUT team is a big fan of Manic Panic, and they always use Manic Panic colors in their photo shoots. Now they bring you these photos to enjoy

Process of hair coloring for this photo shoot

Pillarbox Red CLASSIC Cream Formula was mixed with Wildfire CLASSIC Cream Formula, before that hair was bleached with FLASHLIGHTNING bleach Kit -30 Volume.
To achive intensity of color Shishalica used 2 bottles of Pillarbox Red an one Wildfire color bottle.
Bleach was on hair for 30 minutes to achive desired lightness of hair so that red dyes can reach their full intensity. After bleach was washed out with water, Shishalica applied mix of red color dyes, wich were on hair for 40 minutes, and than washed out.
After dyeing, hair cutting took place. Shishalica made geometric and asymetric hair cuts for this photo shoot. Than she finished with some styling and giving a final shape to hair.

Make Up

We used geat Manic Panic make up products to finish up the whole look.
Mix of two foundations was used on face:
Dreamtone foundation and Moonlight Dreamtone foundation
Flawless Concealer
Marilyn Red lipstick
Paris Paris Glam lashes
Raven-Spider Liner