Once a punk, always a punk

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Manic Panic® is proud to present, by popular demand, the CD re-release of Tish and Snooky's punk band the Sic F*cks.
Now we can all rock out to their hit songs like "Chop Up Your Mother" and "Spanish Bar Mitzvah".
We have great collectible tee shirts and super cool swag items available for purchase.
Wear them and show off your punk knowledge and impress even the savviest rock-o-phile.
Sic F*cks tee shirts available
CD - get one - play it LOUD!
Sic F*cks swag!!! Magnets, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Lighters, Key Tags
Who wears Sic F•cks shirts?
"Hello Tish & Snooky , thanks a bunch fer the Sic F*cks gear. I think the "Sic F*cks" are probably my fave NYC band of all time. I love you guys ....
Your Pal, Jeff " (Magnum from the Dead Boys)
"I love my Sic F*cks tee shirt. I wear mine to my yoga class" - Cyndi Lauper
Your are listening to the Sic F*cks performing "Rock Or Die"
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