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Tish and Snooky sing on BLUE COUPE RELEASE
Blue Coupe features Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Dennis Dunaway of the legendary Alice Cooper group, and multi Platinum Award winning brothers Joe and Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult fame. This trio of revolutionary musicians will soon release their second album of new originals, Million Miles More, which spotlights the iconic Alice Cooper singing "Hallow's Grave." The album also features the scorching guitar finesse of Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser of Blue Öyster Cult, the signature Hammond sounds of Goldy McJohn of Steppenwolf and vocals by The Darlings of the Demented™, Tish and Snooky. Read a great review of Million Miles More
Purchase Million Miles More on CDBaby. The album made the Classic Rock Revisted Top 40 Albums of 2013 (see the CRR website).

Blue Coupe's new song from the hit album MILLION MILES MORE
featuring Alice Cooper on lead vocals:



Listen to ROCK OR DIE by Tish & Snooky's punk band Sic F*cks

RuPaul with Tish & Snooky performing "Star Booty" at The Saint NYC 1986

Fun fact: Tish & Snooky sang on RuPaul's first album: see Star Booty album credits

Tish & Snooky with The Fabulous Pop Tarts 1985
Fun fact: Pop Tarts bandmates Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato founded World of Wonder production company responsible for great stuff like the hit TV show RuPaul's Drag Race and movie Party Monster! Read more about it in Dragging on the River.

The one and only Rocco Primavera with the New Jersey Nightingales (Tish & Snooks)
Fun fact: Tish & Snooky's torpedo shaped "breasts" were handcrafted out of hollowed out nurf balls cut in half. Finally Tish & Snooky taught the drag queens a thing or two: some of them used their "boob trick" at NYC's Boy Bar.

Andy Shernoff - Let's Get The Band Back Together
In this hilarious video Tish and Snooky appear as groupies of the mock rock band 70's band "The Krinkles". Witness great rockin' music and comedic genius of Andy Shernoff!

Joey Ramone - New York City
A song that honors legendary rockers, characters, clubs, sites and sounds of beloved Joey's hometown. Cameo appearances by Tish & Snooky and Team Manic Panic's Mohawk Dave.

Tish & Snooky with Michael Musto
MUST was Michael Musto's '80s band looking back at '60s Motown hits - complete with sparkly outfits and lavish arm gestures. Witness one of Michael's "most out-there diva moments" at the Gabriel Rotello-produced revue Downtown Dukes & Divas. It all took place in the 80's at NYC's legendary Limelight club. Read more about it in the Village Voice Article here.

Tish & Snooky "Shuffle Off To Buffalo"
Tish and Snooky serve up a little 1930's glamour complete with tap dancing! More great moments from another of Gabriel Rotello's Downtown Divas revues. Limelight, NYC, Aug 12, 1985. With the Uptown Horns and emcee Kieran Liscoe