All You Need To DYE™ Tool Kit

All You Need to DYE™ Took Kit

Essential tools for using Manic Panic® hair color. The Manic Panic® All you need to DYE™ Tool Kit contains 1 applicator brush/comb, 1 coloring cap (in assorted colors), and 1 pair of black protective rubber gloves.

Applying Manic Panic® Hair color just got easier! Place hair dye on the tint brush and comb through hair. Finish by covering your head with the cap. Then let the Manic Panic® magic begin!


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Manic Panic® Vegan Hair Color



Manic Panic® hair color is the best of its kind. We use superior ingredients that are guaranteed Vegan and PPD free. MANIC PANIC® SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR contains no animal ingredients and is tested on celebrities, not animals™