Amethyst Ashes™ High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula

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Amethyst Ashes™ High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula


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A slate gray with a delicate touch of violet. To commemorate our 40 year “Manniversary, the legendary artist and founding editor of the iconic PUNK Magazine John Holmstrom created a custom illustration of the original Manic Panic storefront on St Mark’s Place.

A limited edition hair color.

"The latest Manic Panic shade to give us palpitations is Amethyst Ashes, a grayish violet that looks like it’s been pulled from the embers." - Allure Magazine

The illustration on the label is the work of John Holmstrom, the legendary artist who was a founding editor of the iconic PUNK Magazine back in 1977. He is best known for illustrating the covers of the Ramones albums Rocket to Russia and Road to Ruin.
PUNK Magazine featured his caricatures of NYC’s infamous musicians such as the Ramones, Blondie, and of course Tish and Snooky.
To commemorate our 40 year “Manniversary, John created a rendering of the original storefront of the Manic Panic boutique on St Mark’s Place, complete with punkette mannequin, band flyers in window, and graffiti with funny takeoffs of NYC band names.
Holmstrom drew the portrait of Snooky and Tish which is set inside a full moon hovering over their beloved New York City, under the St. Mark’s Place sign.

The color itself was named by our very own fans in a contest that attracted Manic Panic Dyehards from all over the globe. AMETHYST ASHES was selected from the thousands of entries.

Other works by John Holmstrom:

works by John Holmstrom

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Paraben FreeYes
Glows Under Black LightNo


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Stellar Wicked Awesomeness
    Review by LauraCDorton 2/1/2018
    Okay so I’m a dye hard mani panic lover so when this came out, or sorry, when my east coast Canadian ass was able to discover this local I near died! It is absolutely lovely in so many ways. It has so many different colours and shades it can be! This is as I type this sitting on my head :)
  • Quality
    Ok Experience With Shade
    Review by LavenderManeon 11/27/2017
    The color upon first dyeing is gorgeous! But! It wasn’t ash purple on my hair. From platinum blonde with no yellow tones, it turned a dark grey. It only lasted about two weeks until it began to fade green. When I asked my hair dresser if it was the ph of my own hair, they said it could of only been the dye I used. Loved the grey, wish it hadn’t failed so quickly to a pukey green.