These rockers are shining examples of MANIC PANIC® culture and style.

Corey Glover

Corey Glover is an American singer, guitarist and actor. He is best known as the lead singer
of the legendary rock band Living Colour who won a Grammy award for their hit song “Cult of Personality”.
Corey appeared as Pvt. Francis in Oliver Stone's Vietnam war film, Platoon, and has also hosted various shows on VH1.
Corey with Living Colour recently headlined the iconic Afro Punk festival in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY.
Hair color of choice? Manic Panic, of course.


Militia Vox 

Militia Vox  is a solo artist, composer, musician, and self-proclaimed horrorist, futurist, and villainess.
She is the lead singer in Judas Priestess, The World's Only Tribute to the Metal Gods.
Milita has rocked every Manic Panic hair color in the rainbow since she was a teenager.
She has frequently appeared in the Manic Panic Catalog (as well as on the 2016 cover) and website.
Follow her on instagram @militiaismyname


Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy 

Alissa White–Gluz, vegan frontwoman of Arch Enemy… has been using MANIC PANIC® for almost a decade now,
and her blue hair has become her signature look. Alissa was dubbed one of Revolver's 20 Hottest Chicks in Metal.
She devotedly uses (Manic Panic®) Rockabilly® Blue™ sometimes streaking it with a little Electric Lizard™.
Photo at far right is Alissa at the Manic Panic® Color Asylum Salon in NYC
after getting her hair colored by stylist to the stars, Luzinda Gonzalez.


Kelly Orr of Teen Hearts 

Teen Hearts

Teen Hearts is a fun, energetic, positive DIY band that has achieved numerous accomplishmentsin their short
existence. The bands debut EP “The Heartsbeat EP” was produced by Hellogoodbyefront man Forrest Kline.
Kelly Orr rocks Manic Panic® Rock 'N' Roll® Red hair color.

Cece Frey

Teen Hearts

Singer Cece Frey says: "It's CeCe yo, "Miss X to the O" I pledge my allegiance, to Rhythm and Sound.
And to the United States of Getting Down." Need we say more? To get her exotic look Cece used a
melée of Manic Panic® hair colors: Fuchsia Shock®, Enchanted Forest™, Vampire™ Red,
Deep Purple Dream™ and a touch of Atomic™ Turquoise.

Ash Costello of New Year's Day 


New Years Day

New Years Day knows that at one time or another, each of us has suffered heartbreak —
and each person deals with it in a different way. However, instead of moping around or flirting
with illegal substances, New Years Day — vocalist Ash, guitarist Mike, drummer Russell,
guitarist Keith and bassist Adam decided to transform their relationship woes into a brand
of goth pop that’s as catchy as it is cathartic. New Years Day has been making quite a noise
and touching the hearts of many fans with their ultra–catchy, anthemic songs that just
happen to be loaded with daggers for lyrics. Ash Costello shines and shows a true star
power that will keep you keep you watching and a voice that will stay in your head.
Ash rocks Manic Panic® Rock 'N' Roll® Red hair color and Glamnation® Cosmetics.

Eryn Woods



Eryn Woods

With her unique style and youthful voice, singer Eryn Woods is ready to dominate the world
with her eclectic brand of pop punk. Her music has been featured on Vh1 and MTV,
she has worked closely with designers Betsey Johnson, Iron Fist Clothing, and Married to the Mob,
amongst others and is sponsored by Monster Products, Manic Panic, and 5Gum.
As the queen of the “Kupcake” brigade—a term she coined to define her “sweet, fun and diverse”
fan base—Woods’ musical and fashion influence on young Kupcakes is spreading around the globe. 
Eryn Woods is known for her trademark MANIC PANIC® Electric Lizard™ hawk!

Alexandra of Alexandra and the Starlight Band 


With her latest solo release, Alexandra and The Starlight Band, Alexandra Starlight
has critics buzzing, hailing the gritty and sultry songstress as the new, 21st century
Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Guitar World Magazine reports: "Alexandra Starlight
bears the lucky distinction of being as captivating as she is talented.
Her singing style rivals the greats like Tina Turner and Janis Joplin.
And she's got the swagger of a thousand men.” Alexandra is known
for her trademark MANIC PANIC® multi-colored tresses.

Sky Heavens

Some may not know who Sky Heavens is but you may have heard her voice. If you have seen Eminem perform live
or watched his live performances on TV/YouTube you will see Sky singing the hooks to his hits like “Monster”,
“Love the You Lie”, “Survival”, and “Stan”. The pinnacle of her performing with Eminem was at the Wembley Stadium,
where Eminem made history by being the first rapper to headline. This Brooklyn Native
has now paved her own path with her track "Hear Me Cry".

Margarita Monet of Edge of Paradise

Margarita Monet of the band, Edge of Paradise, has rocked her long cascading locks of signature
Manic Panic® red hair for years. She and the boys in the band have serious rock style that
brings us back the original Manic Panic® days.

Katelyn Richards

American Roots artist, Katelyn Richards, captivates audiences with her fresh charm and sex appeal.
You can catch her around New York, where singing five gigs a week is a breeze for her.