January 2018 - Valerie


Are we blue? Yes we are!
We are starting the New Year off right with some creative style inspo from our Dyehard of the Month from Bolivia, Valerie.

She writes us “my hobbies include to collect art, (specially from the local artist), write on my blog and binge some horror movies! As a kid I used to watch a lot of cartoons, and my favorite characters used to have blue hair, tho never saw a person with it before, that was until a punk video hit me when I was 13, that mixed with the awesome music made me go crazy for it! I've been a Manic Panic big fan for about 4 years now! I was watching a youtuber and she mentioned the Brand, that was the beginning of a colorful life style. I love your brand for many reasons, top ones being that it last for so long without losing quality and you actually care about the animals. Its just really cool!, I feel confident and magical. Thank you! - Valerie” 

Valerie wears Manic Panic Rockabilly® Blue Hair Color

photos by Kev Aleman

This Bolivian beauty has her own blog (En Español!)  "LE SWEET MONIC"

Check out her instagram: @sweetmonic