July 2017 - Zsazsa


Zsazsa is a a singer/songwriter from Wales in the U.K. She wrote us: “I discovered the awesome Manic Panic by finding a picture online of their unreal Electric Lizard! From there onwards I fell in love, nothing like any other hair dyes I've used before! So that's when I decided to have long green hair, then I added blue roots blending into the green using Atomic Turquoise! I had so many compliments, I even inspired people to try out the same colours on their hair. I always want to stand out and be totally unique so I decided to be extra different and have rainbow hair using Atomic Turquoise, Electric Lizard, Hot Hot Pink & Psychedelic Sunset! My favorite look yet, such an amazing hair brand.”

Colors used: Atomic Turquoise, Electric Lizard, Hot Hot Pink, Psychedelic Sunset

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