June 2017 - Misty Cook

Please join us in welcoming our new Manic Panic Brand Ambassador,  Misty Cook.

Misty is an accomplished and sought-after hair stylist with 16+ years of professional experience. She is known, in part, for her platform demonstrations of her cutting and styling techniques, as well as editorial styling and finishing & creative coloring techniques. Cook has worked at many beauty industry trade shows such as the IBS shows in NYC, Long Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV, Myrtle Beach and many more. She has been a featured stylist for fashion shoots, magazines, TV and beauty pageants. Her latest career move has brought her to Tish & Snooky's MANIC PANIC® N.Y.C. Inc. Cook’s passion for the professional industry and her spunky personality lend to her uniqueness in the salon, on platform and in life in general.

She is wearing Manic Panic Professional formula gel hair color in Pussycat Pink with Pro Pastelizer on the ends and Pussycat mixed with Violet Velvet on the roots and back.