Recently, Erica Ritter (@pinkey91) reached out to Tish on Instagram and shared one of the most heartwarming stories that we have ever heard. When Tish & Snooky created Manic Panic they knew this would be a way for individuals to express themselves through their look and what we see as art. Over the years we have received thousands of stories about how Manic Panic has affected peoples lives all around the world and we just wanted to share what Erica sent to Tish in a simple Instagram comment:

Thank you guys for creating something that has brought so much happiness into my life. I have anxiety and depression, along with a list of other things. I first dyed my hair Hot Hot Pink 10 years ago when I was 14, before anyone in my area had ever dyed their hair any other color other than natural colors. It helped bring me out of my shell and have confidence to be able to go into public. I will forever be grateful.” Tish replied and that brings us here today. Erica wants her story to be shared and to help others in anyway that she can. Stories like Erica’s inspire us to keep doing what we do. This is why Manic Panic was created… To help people express who they are, in a way that stands out in the world.