Summer is here, along with the longest days of the year, bringing warm weather and sunny skies that stretch into the evening. Spending time in the sun can be nice, but one of the best parts of those balmy summer nights is watching the beautiful array of warm pastels that paint the sky when the sun finally does set.

This season has seen some gorgeous haircolor trends such as “smoked peach”, “cotton candy”, and of course mermaid and unicorn hair, but the trend to end them all is sunset hair.

It combines both warm and cool tones, faded shades of peach and pink along with purples and blues, to create a gorgeous gradient.

With Manic Panic, you can easily achieve the beautiful sunset look with a combination of three or four shades and our famous Pastel-Izer®. For example, start with Red Passion, move outward into Electric Tiger Lily, and then into Sunshine Yellow to achieve a simple warm sunset look.

Since real-life sunsets vary so widely in color scheme, so can your sunset hair! For a deeper ómbre, Plum Passion or Ultra Violet could be blended into a Pastel-ized shade of New Rose and then out into a light Psychedelic Sunset, creating something No two sunsets are the same, so you can mix and match colors to create the blend you like best. Give sunset hair a try this summer with Manic Panic®, and send us your results via Instagram or Facebook!


#StepByStep of the #Aires wig done by @Alix_Maya ________________________________________________________"I lifted from a Level 5 using Manic Panic Flash Lightener with 40-volume developer,” Alix shared. “First, I lifted out the design for the Ram symbol. Then, I went back in and used a classic highlighting technique excluding the inside of the Ram horns, to leave darkness, creating the shape and outline with negative space. I used Manic Panic Professional in Red Velvet, Pussycat Pink, Divine Wine & Solar Yellow. Each layer is an individual painting created to form a bigger picture. The orange seen on this piece was created while painting and not in a bowl.” -------------------------------------------------@kristinebobean from @behindthechair_com

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