Blue Angel™ Creamtone™ Skyclad™ Lethal® Lipstick

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Blue Angel™ Creamtone™ Skyclad™ Lethal® Lipstick


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Blue Angel™ Creamtone™ Hair Color is a dusty shade of blue reminiscent of clear, spring skies.
Skyclad™ Lethal® Lipstick is a light shade of peach. Creamtones™ lipsticks are made in a buttery semi-matte formula.

A Spring look combination!
Purchase this shade of the new CREAMTONES™ Perfect Pastel hair color and get 35% off a Skyclad™ Lethal® Lipstick. This perfect Spring look combination set mates on-trend pastel hair color with nude lips. Perfect BFFs! Get the the set and be ready to take on Spring in style!

Coloring with Creamtones™ Extra Tips:
Pre-lightening: The base color (color of the hair before applying any dye) is one of the most crucial steps in achieving any pastel. The base should be evenly lifted and as close to white (toned level 10) as possible prior to dyeing. This could require several lifting processes, which if not executed properly, may result in damaging the hair. We advise consulting a professional stylist before bleaching your own hair.
Strand test: Before the full color application, we suggest performing a strand test in a discreet area (such as behind the ear) and follow the lightening and coloring instructions as usual. If the results of the test strand is not as desired, the process can be altered to achieve the ideal outcome.
Application: It is important to apply the dye to clean (shampooed but not conditioned) dry hair. Any residue left over from styling products or natural dirt/oils will block the cuticle of the hair shaft from receiving the hair color. When applying the dye, make sure each strand is fully saturated. This could require working it into the hair with gloved hands and combing it through.
Processing: While most hair processes within 30 minutes, some hair types require extra processing time. Since all Manic Panic hair colors are ammonia, peroxide and PPD free, you can allow the color to process for an hour or more without fear of damage. It is also beneficial to apply heat during processing with the use of a blow dryer or hood dryer. Heat allows the cuticle of the hair shaft to open and better absorb the color.
Removal: When the color has processed for your desired amount of time, rinse the hair in cool water. Using hot water and shampoo to remove the dye will take out an excessive amount of color and can leave the hair looking dull. If preferred, a conditioner can be used after rinsing, but in general the conditioning agents in Manic Panic hair colors leave the hair soft and manageable.
Maintenance: To best retain color vibrancy, wash hair with sulfate and sodium free products as infrequently as possible. It is recommended to wait a few days after dying before the first shampooing. Avoid using alcohol based styling products and heat styling tools, which also tend to fade color.

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