1. Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow

    Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow


    Luscious silky smooth blush and powder. Glammy Punky Gothy styles… powder that stays on all night long. Thick and dense, chock full of pigment. Try using GOTH WHITE™ as a base under shadows for greater intensity.

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  2. Glam Lash™ Glue

    Glam Lash™ Glue



    Get your Glam Lashes™ to last all night long with our eyelash glue. Learn More

  3. Raven™ Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    Raven™ Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    This Raven™ (black) colored pencil liner will provide a perfect matte line for eyes or lips. Tish suggests getting a bold, precise line by refrigerating the pencil before sharpening for the finest tip. You can also blend with a brush for a more subtle effect. Learn More
  4. Mini Flat Cosmetic Brush

    Mini Flat Cosmetic Brush

    Apply our Glamnation™ Cosmetics with this great little brush with a flat tip. It will contour or blend to your heart's desire! Learn More
  5. Starry Night™ Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

    Starry Night™ Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

    Play up the "windows to your soul" with this sparkly liquid liner. Be sure to give it a good shake before use so that the glitter distributes into the product evenly for a consistent application. Learn More
  6. Spider Eyes™ Mascara

    Spider Eyes™ Mascara

    For a lasting impression, use our Raven™ (black) color intense mascara in an extra-thick formula. Glamnation® Cosmetics Learn More
  7. Spider Liner™

    Spider Liner™

    Our Raven™ (black) colored Spider Liner™ is a versatile and creamy gel formula that can be used as both eye liner and eye shadow. Apply with a thin brush for a bold black line or use a smudge tip applicator for a bold smokey effect. Learn More
  8. Love Colors® Glitter Eye Shadow

    Love Colors® Glitter Eye Shadow


    We love them so much we call them LOVE COLORS®! Brilliant powder shadows with fine micro glitter in the colors that you love! Let your eyes sparkle with glamour. These luscious long-wearing shadows are chock full of pigment and cosmetic grade micro glitter. Learn More

  9. Dreamliner™ Liquid Eye Liner

    Dreamliner™ Liquid Eye Liner

    These are the liquid eye liners of your dreams. We offer two distinct formulas: one which is matte and silky, and the other is a rich and metallic pop of saturated color. Learn More
  10. Glamour Eyes®

    Glamour Eyes®




    These rhinestone-embellished adhesive strips are perfect for enhancing your eyes, brows, or more. They can be trimmed down or used full-size, depending on your preference. If they don't have "eyes" they're not Glamour Eyes®. TESTED ON CELEBRITIES, NOT ANIMALS™


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  11. Glam Dust™

    Glam Dust™


    Guilt Free Glamour
    Glam Dust™ is great for special occasions or everyday use. Sprinkle on your body or in your hair; you can sparkle anywhere! Our Glam Glue™ cosmetic sealant or a dab of vaseline will make the glitter stay on your skin for hours, and hair spray or gel will help set the sparkles in your tresses. This glitter is packaged in a jar that has a sifter for easy application, and comes with a screw-on cap decorated with a metallic skull logo. Glam Dust™ is a superfine, cosmetic grade, opalescent glitter that applies like a powder and is safe for the face or eye area.

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  12. Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    Our Pencil Liners provide a perfect matte line for eyes or lips. Tish suggests getting a bold, precise line by refrigerating the pencil before sharpening for the finest tip. You can also blend with a brush for a more subtle effect. Learn More
  13. Coffin Dust™

    Coffin Dust™




    Our Coffin Dust™ is a super-fine powder that feels like ashes on your fingertips and adds an amazing shimmer to your skin. It can be used for your face, body, hair, or anywhere. For a subtle effect, apply with a dry brush, but for dramatic, potent color, apply with a wet brush or mix with our Glam Glue™ cosmetic sealant.

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  14. Lust Dust®

    Lust Dust®



    A Dust You'll Love! These powdery loose mineral "paints" are loaded with pigment and pizzazz in the sexiest, boldest colors. Seal on with our GLAM GLUE™ for ultimate staying power. Lust Dust® can be used for your face, body, hair, or anywhere.

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  15. Guyliner® Automatic Pencils

    Guyliner® Automatic Pencils

    Our Guyliner® pencils are the first water-resistant eye/eyebrow liners that are made exclusively for men. Each pencil comes double-sided with a sharp, retractable tip on one end, and a spoolie blender on the other. The Raven™ color is the only pencil which does not have the spoolie end--it has a smudge tip, instead. Learn More
  16. Glitter Glam® Pencil Liners

    Glitter Glam® Pencil Liners

    Infused with hints of glitter, Glitter Glam® Pencil Liners are vitamin-enriched kohl eye liners that glide on with a blast of bold pigment. Use with a sharp tip for a precise line, or blend in for a beautiful eye shadow effect. Learn More
  17. AMPLIFIED® 12 Eyeshadow Palette

    AMPLIFIED® 12 Eyeshadow Palette


    Get eyes to match!
    12 Eyeshadow palette contains a dozen of our signature Manic Panic® colors in iconic packaging featuring graffiti print that is actually a photograph of the wall from the legendary rock club CBGBs, better known as the birthplace of punk. 
    Vegan, Cruelty-free. Includes double ended applicator brush and mirror.

    12 shades:

    Virgin® Snow
    Vampire® Red
    Cotton Candy™ Pink
    Hot Hot™ Pink
    Pillarbox™ Red
    Purple Haze®
    Ultra™ Violet
    Atomic™ Turquoise
    Enchanted Forest™
    Electric Banana®

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