1. Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow

    Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow


    Luscious silky smooth blush and powder. Glammy Punky Gothy styles… powder that stays on all night long. Thick and dense, chock full of pigment. Try using GOTH WHITE™ as a base under shadows for greater intensity.

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  2. Glam Lash™ Glue

    Glam Lash™ Glue



    Get your Glam Lashes™ to last all night long with our eyelash glue. Learn More

  3. Raven™ Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    Raven™ Eye/Lip Pencil Liner

    This Raven™ (black) colored pencil liner will provide a perfect matte line for eyes or lips. Tish suggests getting a bold, precise line by refrigerating the pencil before sharpening for the finest tip. You can also blend with a brush for a more subtle effect. Learn More
  4. Mini Flat Cosmetic Brush

    Mini Flat Cosmetic Brush

    Apply our Glamnation™ Cosmetics with this great little brush with a flat tip. It will contour or blend to your heart's desire! Learn More
  5. Starry Night™ Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

    Starry Night™ Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

    Play up the "windows to your soul" with this sparkly liquid liner. Be sure to give it a good shake before use so that the glitter distributes into the product evenly for a consistent application. Learn More
  6. Spider Eyes™ Mascara

    Spider Eyes™ Mascara

    For a lasting impression, use our Raven™ (black) color intense mascara in an extra-thick formula. Glamnation® Cosmetics Learn More
  7. Spider Liner™

    Spider Liner™

    Our Raven™ (black) colored Spider Liner™ is a versatile and creamy gel formula that can be used as both eye liner and eye shadow. Apply with a thin brush for a bold black line or use a smudge tip applicator for a bold smokey effect. Learn More
  8. Love Colors® Glitter Eye Shadow

    Love Colors® Glitter Eye Shadow


    We love them so much we call them LOVE COLORS®! Brilliant powder shadows with fine micro glitter in the colors that you love! Let your eyes sparkle with glamour. These luscious long-wearing shadows are chock full of pigment and cosmetic grade micro glitter. Learn More

  9. Dreamliner™ Liquid Eye Liner

    Dreamliner™ Liquid Eye Liner

    These are the liquid eye liners of your dreams. We offer two distinct formulas: one which is matte and silky, and the other is a rich and metallic pop of saturated color. Learn More
  10. Glamour Eyes®

    Glamour Eyes®




    These rhinestone-embellished adhesive strips are perfect for enhancing your eyes, brows, or more. They can be trimmed down or used full-size, depending on your preference. If they don't have "eyes" they're not Glamour Eyes®. TESTED ON CELEBRITIES, NOT ANIMALS™


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