1. Goth White™ Cream/Powder Foundation

    Goth White™ Cream/Powder Foundation

    This best-selling foundation has a velvety consistency that goes on like a cream but has the potent finish of a powder. Use as a make up base, a white primer under brightly-colored eye shadows, or as an under-eye concealer. This product is a favorite among Goths, cosplayers, and special effects make up artists. "Morticia’s pale but glowing skin can be replicated with Manic Panic’s best-selling “Goth White” Cream Foundation Powder". - allintheblush.com Learn More
  2. Dreamtone® Foundation

    Dreamtone® Foundation

    These natural-toned liquid foundations are made from a unique formula that gives full coverage and a healthy glow. Learn More
  3. Vampyre's Veil® Pressed Powder

    Vampyre's Veil® Pressed Powder

    MANIC PANIC® PRESSED POWDER COMPACTS come in a shiny black compact case decorated with silver, dripping, Gothic letters surrounded by bats and lillies and each different style is bejewelled with crystal accents. This unique compact has two levels: one with mirror and powder, another with applicator puff. The make up is high quality assuring light to complete coverage. Packaged in their own chiffon pouches with ribbon drawstring. Very Goth and very gorge! Learn More
  4. Foundation Sticks

    Foundation Sticks

    Conceal your flaws and highlight your assets with our crème-to-powder foundation sticks. Available in a range of colors from light to dark, the formula also contains SPF 18 to protect your delicate skin from sun damage. Glamnation® Cosmetics Wear It Loud!™ Colors That Rock!® Learn More
  5. Vampyre's Veil® Liquid Foundations

    Vampyre's Veil® Liquid Foundations

    These lightweight, water-based liquid foundations contain SPF 15 and Vitamins A, C, and E, so you'll be protected from free radicals and harmful effects of the sun each time you apply. Available in a range of tints from light to dark, and in both cool and warm tones, you'll have no trouble finding your perfect shade. 0.32 oz Glamnation® Cosmetics Wear It Loud!™ Colors That Rock!® Learn More
  6. Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow

    Powder Blush/ Eye Shadow


    Luscious silky smooth blush and powder. Glammy Punky Gothy styles… powder that stays on all night long. Thick and dense, chock full of pigment. Try using GOTH WHITE™ as a base under shadows for greater intensity.

    Learn More
  7. Coffin Dust™

    Coffin Dust™




    Our Coffin Dust™ is a super-fine powder that feels like ashes on your fingertips and adds an amazing shimmer to your skin. It can be used for your face, body, hair, or anywhere. For a subtle effect, apply with a dry brush, but for dramatic, potent color, apply with a wet brush or mix with our Glam Glue™ cosmetic sealant.

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  8. Lust Dust®

    Lust Dust®



    A Dust You'll Love! These powdery loose mineral "paints" are loaded with pigment and pizzazz in the sexiest, boldest colors. Seal on with our GLAM GLUE™ for ultimate staying power. Lust Dust® can be used for your face, body, hair, or anywhere.

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  9. Dream Remover™

    Dream Remover™

    This super-soft make up remover will wipe away the most stubborn cosmetics--even waterproof formulas! It will leave the skin soft, supple, and fresh-faced. The Dream Remover™ contains Vitamin E-Antioxidant, Vitamin-enriched Jojoba Oil, and moisturizers for silky smooth skin that is clean and clear. Learn More
  10. Glam Glue™ Cosmetic Sealant

    Glam Glue™ Cosmetic Sealant



    Our Glam Glue™ cosmetic sealant will make your eyeshadows, blushes, and other cosmetics pop with vibrant color, and will help your makeup to stay fresh all day and night. Learn More