Eye Shadow Cassette Tape Set

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Eye Shadow Cassette Tape Set



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Our Creature of the Night® Eye Shadows are made from the best ingredients. Not only is the quality of the product amazing, you'll know you've gotten your money's worth when you see the beautiful packaging! Each Cassette Tape Set comes with two pre-chosen eye shadow colors, but they can be interchangeable. All of our shadows come with a magnetic backing, so they will stay in place until you decide to remove them and insert other colors, instead!

Regular Price: $12.00

Special Price $4.20

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Shunion 6/14/2016
    PLEASE!! KEEP MAKING THESE!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    There needs to be More Advertisement for this amazing Product!
    The Eye shadows Quality is Incredible!!! I am Not Kidding you this has got to be one, if not The BEST shadow I have ever tried, Trust me iv'e had HUNDREDS of Eye shadows, so has my Mom and she Also agrees with me, It is HIGHLY PIGMENTED,Smooth Powdery Dreamy Airy feel, NOT Heavy at all I didn't even feel it, stayed on all DAY WITHOUT anything to hold it, the COLOR IS SOO BEAUTIFUL It is suitable for every skin color, i have an Olive Complexion and BOTH colors looked wonderful on me, i have trouble finding ones that look really good, and in person this Is SOO much more Awesome.

    I am Getting one for my mom! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEASSEE continue to sell these, it just needs Advertisement !!!

    The CASE ITS SELF is Hard and Smooth with no Sharp or Rough Edges.
    Wont Pop open on its own, I have dropped it once it's Perfectly fine.
    THE Decoration and Description is ADORABLE & BADASS!

    Like shown in the Picture the middle of the "Cassette" Is Clear Hard Transparent Plastic so you can see your Colors, upon opening There is a High Quality Mirror on the Lid
    That i didn't expect, it's long and Rectangular so its perfect for you eyes.
    If you push the lid (that contains the mirror) Back the Lid will go Completely Flat! :D

    Underneath is Where you can Put your Credit Card &/or Money, It has a Tiny Circular/ square hole that you will be able to gently push/lift up your Items, it will never Get stuck.

    GENIUS!!!!!!!! SOO Much Thought went into This!! <3 <3 <3
    The interchangeable eye shadows work like Magic there's a finger shaped Groove that will allow you to lift up the eye shadow. The Eye shadow singles them selves are put in a Metal magnetic trays holders, Getting the shadow singles off the Magnetic SOO EASY!!
    it doesn't explode, as 'Other unnamed brands Products Have' LOL
    The Magnet is High Quality as well, But not so powerful that it is difficult to get out, know what i'm saying? :) The Magnet wont fall off, Being Hot Glued in there GOOD!

    You can put a Laced Strap thought it and Carry it with you. (Top left corner) I AM SO SO GLAD AND HAPPY i bought this it is My Favorite go to Product!! Iv'e gotten well more than my Moneys Worth!!!! (Tons of Compliments from People who Know it!)

    it also Comes with a soft, Better Quality than most eye shadow Applicator, I actually use this instead of my own brushes or i use my finger. I bought an extra single eye shadow, works Perfectly as if it came with this 'Cassette' I CARRY THIS EVERY WHERE with me, i do Hope i could buy more in the Future PLEASE!! DON'T EVER DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT!!!