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Glam Dust™

Glam Dust™

Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2017):
I Have a Huge Glitter Obsession, I've Tried about Everything there is and i find myself Coming back to this, The Angel Dust Is Legitimately the best Glitter i have ever had, I don't know what it is that they do to it, other than Making Good High Quality Stuff.

This is Translucent, Rainbow Effect, Its fine, Feels like Mineral Powder on the Skin, Like you Seriously wont even Feel it. Doesn't Hurt the Eyes, I have Extremely Sensitive skin, and i never had a problem with this and i use it every single day.

I Still have a whole lot of it, Comes in a Unique Small Packaging, But they Give you a lot plus it's Potent. It's made of Thick Plastic that I have Dropped Many times because i'm clumsy , Lol it has never broken or even remotely cracked.

Super Easy to Use, But what is the Best Function about this besides the Extra Fine Quality of this glitter is the Soft Plastic/Silicone Flip top, that covers a Sifter.
BRILLIANT of all my years, all the glitter I have ever had, i have come across sifters, but never a flip top. On top is the screw top, EXACTLY like shown but Soooo much better in person

You wouldn't believe i never got glitter everywhere, i removed the lid have it flipped upside down like a little bowl and i tap the container the dispense the glitter into the lid.

Genius Product.

Please don't ever Discontinue this, i would cease to exist.