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High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula Hair Color. 41 Shades.

High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula Hair Color. 41 Shades.

Product Review (submitted on April 21, 2016):
i've been using manic panic for roughly 2 years and i love it. i've used quite a few colors, so i'll review each briefly!
-atomic turquoise
this is a very nice light-but-bright blue, i really enjoyed this color and it pairs very nicely with almost anything. it faded nicely into a powder blue.

-hot hot pink
i love this color, but unfortunately, it faded very fast when i used it. i had a blue/magenta ombre with hot hot pink on the ends but i eventually started dying it all blue because the pink would just fade too fast.

-voodoo blue
this is probably my favorite manic panic dye. i used it over very, VERY faded atomic turquoise and it was a vibrant electric blue with various shades in it like teal, darker blue, and lighter blue (but not in a messy way haha)

-electric lizard (mixed the entire tub with a dollop of voodoo blue, created a VERY bright leprechaun green)
i've never used electric lizard by itself but if you're looking for a vibrant cool-toned green shade, i mixed the entire tub with voodoo blue until the dye itself looked like a very dark forest green. took forever to fade

-rockabilly blue
this shade is a nice royal blue but it seemed to fade pretty fast when i used it

-enchanted forest
if you're looking for something strictly GREEN, i wouldn't recommend this. it's a very rich, dark teal and it looks amazing in sunlight

-fuschia shock
this is such a nice colorful shade. depending on how light your hair is, it may either be a bright pink or a deep maroon/magenta. when mine faded, it started turning orangey/yellow in some spots which was unflattering, but it lasts quite a while without needing to be redyed.

-virgin snow
let me start by saying i had never toned my hair before! this could very well be user error. anyways, i lightened my hair to about level 9 and left virgin snow on for about an hour and thirty minutes. nothing happened (again, probably user error haha)