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High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula Hair Color. 41 Shades.

High Voltage® Classic Cream Formula Hair Color. 41 Shades.

Product Review (submitted on April 25, 2016):
I've tried an array of different dyes on my hair over the 2yrs I've been doing unnatural colors and I always come right back to Manic. I've found that different colors stay better than others in my hair, though. I'll review all the ones I can remember trying :P

Atomic Turquoise is without a doubt the color that stays the best in my hair. I've been putting Voodoo Blue in for awhile as well to add depth and it seems to bleed out pretty fast but fades the nicest out of all the blues I've used.
I used Siren Song over the turquoise with the hope of it being brighter but its not a very deep color so it ended up just toning the blue to be more green so be mindful of what color your hair is when using Siren Song
Hot Hot Pink is definitely my other favorite. It stayed rly well in my hair and faded to an adorable soft pink that was still very vibrant. It also went really well over Ultra Violet to create this gorgeous pink glow to the purple I had while I was transitioning colors. I also used Pillarbox Red to tone the pink to a deeper shade, but when I had bright red (i didnt use a manic brand dye that time) I found it wasnt as bright as I'd expected.

Unsuccessful Colors for my hair:
Lie Locks washed right out of my hair and would not stay in. Ultra Violet and Electric Amethyst also didn't stay in very well, but I found if I mixed Atomic Turquoise and Hot Hot Pink I got the purple I wanted and it didnt fade.
Midnight Blue was rly great for mixing in with purples and to darken up pinks when I was playing with various shades, but if you want a really strong and vibrant color I don't recommend Midnight Blue as it's much more muted.

Overall Manic dyes handle being mixed really well, and I've enjoyed every color I've tried regardless if they faded fast or not. I recommend it to everyone I know because it's easy to use, and you get a really nice amount of a quality product for a great price. I've used Pravana, Ion, and Clairol professional dyes and nothing has compared to Manic. You just gotta figure out what stays best in your hair!