Sensational Stylists


Neal Malek works his magic in Orlando, FL. “What I love most about being a colorist is the transformations I can create.
From before and after shots to making a woman feel beautiful for the first time in a long time.” 
Formula used (at right):
Sea Nymph + Siren's Song = 100:1 ratio
Electric Banana + Pastelizer = 60:1 ratio
Blue Steel + Atomic Turquoise = 30:1
Fleurs Du Mal + Cotton Candy Pink = 60:1 

Manic Panic hair color magician Steve Austin hails from Bolton, UK. “I love that someone can come in, feeling bored and drab with their colour and I can make them feel beautiful again.
I love that I can encourage someone to step out of the box they have put themselves in and make them see that times are changing with colour and you don't have to be a
certain person or in a certain group to have the colour that they've always wanted, they can have it now!”  
Formula used (at right):
All Creamtones on top (Blue Angel, Dreamsicle, Fleurs Du Mal, Velvet Violet, Sea Nymph)
and on the bottom Sunshine, Psychedelic Sunset, Mystic Heather, Siren's Song, Lie Locks, and Cotton Candy Pink
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Uber-talented Shelley Gregory is originally from Las Vegas and has been doing hair for 15 years. She specializes in blondes, pastels and styling,
but is obsessed with all aspects of hair. What does she love most about being a colorist? Having the freedom to be inspired by
anything I see then translating it to hair, being able to immediately transform someone and change their life. 
Formula used (at right):
Pre-lightened hair all over with 30 Volume Bleach (with Olaplex) 
Pastelized Pretty Flamingo, Velvet Violet, Dreamsicle, Fleurs Du Mal, Sea Nymph, and Pastelized Siren's Song

AGYNESS FROZEN (Alenka Mencej):
Agyness Frozen

AGYNESS FROZEN is an incredible "hair artist" from Croatia who has won countless awards with her revolutionary styling using MANIC PANIC® hair colors. This super talented lady is quite a beauty herself! Check her out on facebook



The Cut Team:

CUT TEAM from Serbia is a big fan of MANIC PANIC®, and they always use Manic Panic® colors in their photo shoots. CUT team are Hairstylist Milica Shishalica and Photographer Marijana Gligic. They worked together to create the stunning styles and photographs on this page. Click on the images below to view more from the photo shoots, get more detailed information about hair coloring, and to see how CUT team worked their magic!

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Shishalica           Marijana G